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112,34 EUR*
Details Software Engineering and Environment (Software Science and Engineering)

Software Engineering and Environment Software Engineering and Environment examines the various aspects of software development, describing a number of software life cycle models. Twelve in-depth chapters discuss the different phases of a software life ...

149,79 EUR*
Details Ontologies for Software Engineering and Software Technology

Ontologies for Software Engineering and Software Technology Covers two applications of ontologies in software engineering and software technology: sharing knowledge of the problem domain and using a common terminology among all stakeholders; and ...

18,06 EUR*
Details Software RX: Secrets of Engineering Quality Software

Software Rx Useful for courses in Software Engineering, this book is a collection of software engineering essays for software development. It includes examples throughout to give readers a better understanding and feel for best practices that can be ...

83,90 EUR*
Details IEEE Computer Society Real-World Software Engineering Problem Book: A Self-study Guide for Today's Software Professional (Software Engineering Best Practices)

The IEEE Computer Society Real-world Software Engineering Problems Key problems for the IEEE Computer Society Certified Software Development Professional (CSDP) Certification Program IEEE Computer Society Real-World Software Engineering Problems helps ...

149,79 EUR*
Details Human-Centered Software Engineering - Integrating Usability in the Software Development Lifecycle: Integrating Usability in the Software Development ... (Human–Computer Interaction Series, Band 8)

Human-Centered Software Engineering - Integrating Usability in the Software Development Lifecycle The fields of HCI and Software Engineering have evolved almost independently of each other until the last decade, when it became apparent that an ...

50,99 EUR*
Details Surreptitious Software: Obfuscation, Watermarking, and Tamperproofing for Software Protection: Obfuscation, Watermarking, and Tamperproofing for ... Protection (Addison-Wesley Software Security)

Surreptitious Software "This book gives thorough, scholarly coverage of an area of growing importance in computer security and is a 'must have' for every researcher, student, and practicing professional in software protection." -Mikhail Atallah ...

79,56 EUR*
Details Software as Capital: Economic Perspective on Software Engineering (Practitioners)

Software As Capital looks at software development through the eyes of a capital theorist, an economist fascinated by the constant evolution of new and better tools and processes. It asks, what is really happening in software development at the concept ...

116,95 EUR*
Details Vertical Software Industry Evolution: Analysis of Telecom Operator Software (Contributions to Management Science)

Vertical Software Industry Evolution Analyzes the status and the future evolution of OSS/BSS software industry from multiple viewpoints including technology diffusion, vertical disintegration and evolution of a vertical software industry. Full description

101,57 EUR*
Details Software Performance and Scalability: A Quantitative Approach (Quantitative Software Engineering Series, Band 1)

Software Performance and Scalability Gives the reader the ability to set up a proper test environment and conduct software performance and scalability tests. Uses many examples showing software performance problems and applicable solutions. Contains a ...

57,73 EUR*
Details Open Source Software: Implementation and Management (Software Development)

Open Source Software Provides key tools for System administrators, Network Administrators, IT project managers, and consultants who must evaluate and deploy open source software. This book details open source successes and explains which scenarios are ...

58,35 EUR*
Details PSP(SM): A Self-Improvement Process for Software Engineers (Sei Series in Software Engineering)

Psp(SM) Presents a disciplined process for software engineers and those involved in software development. This book scales down industrial software practices to fit the needs of the module-sized program development. It walks readers through a ...

66,74 EUR*
Details Software Testing Continuous Quality Improvement

Software Testing and Continuous Quality Improvement It is often assumed that software testing is based on clearly defined requirements and software development standards. This title provides a quality framework for the software testing process within ...

7,36 EUR*
Details Software Testing Tips: Experiences & Realities

Software Testing Tips For any software-producing company, basic prerequisites to be successful in delivering good software depend on having talented people and setting smart processes. Throughout the book, a commonsense approach to software testing is ...

78,99 EUR*
Details Software Engineering with Reusable Components

Software Engineering with Reusable Components Provides an understanding of what software reuse is, where the problems are, what benefits to expect, the activities, and different forms of software reuse. This work offers an overview of what software ...

21,85 EUR*
Details moving-memo-Software

CD-ROMDie CD-Rom der moving-memo-Software enthält neben einem Schulungsfilm die einfach und schnell am PC installierbare Software. Die Memo-Funktion der moving-Software erinnert regelmässig in indivdiuell festegelegten Zeitabständen daran, den Rücken ...

42,90 EUR*
Details Basiswissen Medizinische Software: Aus- und Weiterbildung zum Certified Professional for Medical Software

Aus- und Weiterbildung zum Certified Professional for Medical SoftwareGebundenes BuchIm gesamten Medizinbereich gewinnt Software als eigenständiges Produkt oder als Komponente eines Produktes zunehmend an Bedeutung. Entwickler, Auditoren, Betreiber ...

28,95 EUR*
Details Design for Software: A Playbook for Developers

Design for Software A unique resource to help software developers create a desirable user experience Today, top-flight software must feature a desirable user experience. This one-of-a-kind book creates a design process specifically for software ...

41,77 EUR*
Details Principles of Software Development Leadership: Applying Project Management Principles to Software Development

The software development market continues to grow worldwide. As projects become more complicated and the pressure to 'do more with less' becomes the rule of thumb, the need for software managers to be well-versed with project management best practices ...

69,99 EUR*
Details Fundamentals of Software Integration

Fundamentals of Software Integration Computer Architecture/Software Engineering Full description

63,90 EUR*
Details Testing Object Oriented Software (Practitioners)

Testing Object-Oriented Software Object-oriented programming increases software reusability, extensibility, interoperability, and reliability. Software testing is necessary to realize these benefits by uncovering as many programming errors as possible ...

128,48 EUR*
Details Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory Software, Version 2.0: Complete Educator Version, Software

Brand Neu! Auslieferung aus Kalifornien, USA. Lieferung kann möglicherweise zusätzliche Einfuhrgebühren erfordern.

56,11 EUR*
Details Professional Software Development: Shorter Schedules, Higher Quality Products, More Successful Projects, Enhanced Careers: Shorter Schedules, Higher ... Successful Projects, Better Software Careers

Professional Software Development The author provides an argument,for turning software success into an everyday habit by advancing the software profession itself - at the individual, organizational, and industry levels. Expanding on the contents of ...